The Fundamentals of Mechanics


The Fundamentals of Mechanics deal with how we use our bodies as practitioners of this art. As martial arts techniques are physical techniques, how our bodies are aligned is incredibly important. Unfortunately, most teachers of martial arts lack the understanding of body mechanics necessary to teach their students well, resulting in techniques that work only if you are strong enough to make them work. The hallmark of a good technique, though, is not whether it can be applied successfully by a man that is six feet tall and two hundred pounds, but rather by a smaller man or woman ON the man that is six feet tall and two hundred pounds. Using proper body mechanics allows any martial artist, big or small, to capitalize on their opponent's weaknesses and seize the mechanical advantage. Good techniques applied with proper mechanics are the foundation of the work we do at Koryu Dojo.


Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

Principles of Tuite Jitsu