Koryu Dojo's Curriculum


When it comes to curriculum, one must be concerned with both breadth and depth. Breadth deals with the variety of topics, subjects or skills, while depth deals with how deeply you delve into one particular thing. Many dojos have a very limited curriculum that they can offer their students. Students will join a school, train for a couple of years, earn their black belts, and exhaust the knowledge that the school can offer. This contributes to the vast number of individuals who have trained in the martial arts, but no longer do, and to the number of individuals who have spent years floating from dojo to dojo, looking for that thing that they know must exist, but have never found. Koryu Dojo offers something different.


Koryu Dojo approaches its curriculum through three main conceptual lenses:


The Fundamentals of Mechanics

The Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

The Principles of Tuite Jitsu


Each of these lessons focuses on one particular conceptual domain of our art, and helps us to build specific skills. The beginner at Koryu Dojo starts on the outer edge of the circle (shown left) and primarily deals with one domain at a time. As the student continues to develop their skills, they spiral into the circle and discover how these domains overlap, ultimately leading to mastery and the realization that these domains are not really separate at all, but all facets of one gem.