About Koryu Dojo


Founded in 1996, Koryu Dojo is an incredibly unique dojo that doesn't cater to the casual karate enthusiast, but rather to those who would dedicate their lives to the study of the martial arts. With a curriculum that centers around the Dillman Method of Pressure Point fighting, our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive education in classical martial arts that will produce confident, skilled, life-long martial artists.


With two 5th Dan Master Instructors working side-by-side, students at Koryu Dojo have a tremendous opportunity to learn and hone their martial skills, regardless of their martial arts backgrounds or learning styles.


Koryu Dojo proudly affiliated with George Dillman and Dillman Karate International.


Both Master Mellgren and Master Countryman are senior students of GM Chris Thomas, and are active members of Kyusho Jitsu Kenkyukai.